The challenge of all contemporary educators is to make the classroom as attractive as the world outside of school, with its many audio-visual stimuli. Allying the practice of teachers with modern teaching tools is the task of all those who care about the improvement in the student learning process.

In the annual editions of the CineBH, UniversoProdução is responsible for the Cine-Expression - The School Goes to Cinema - a program that unites the cinema and education languages ​​with the offer of a free and personalized agenda to attend educators and students from five years of age.

Cine-Expression is a socio-educational-cultural program focused on the formation ofcitizens, with the use of audiovisual in the interdisciplinary pedagogical process. It is an initiative that makes it possible to raise awareness, and involve the educational universe in the audiovisual context, through the promotion of cine-school sessions and cine-debates aimed at students and educators.

In this edition, the program will benefit more than 3,000 students from the education system of Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan region, from 16 enrolled schools. There will be 10 Brazilian films - two feature films and eight short films in six cinema-school sessions. The sessions take place in three cultural spaces of the capital of Minas Gerais: MIS Cine Santa Tereza (audience 122 seats), Teatro Sesiminas (audience 660 seats) and Sesc Palladium (Grande-Teatro - audience 1300 seats).

For children from 5 to 7 years old, the short films “On the way to school” (students of the Animation Project, ES), “Nature thanks you” (Ana Maria Cordeiro, GO), "From hight above" (Luciano Vidigal , RJ) and “Wings of imagination” (Arthur Felipe Fiel and João Marcos Nascimento, RJ).

For the age group between 8 and 10 years, students will watch the films, "Perfect match" (DéboraHerling, SC), "Solar system" (Matheus Malafaia, RJ), "Metamorphosis" (Jane Carmen Oliveira, MG) and "The boy who made a museum" (SérgioUtsch, CE).

For students aged 11 to 13, the feature film "Jonas and the tentless circus" will be screened, an award-winning doc by director Paula Gomes. Jonas is a 13-year-old boy from Bahia in a family of circus performers. He inherited his passion for circus arts but did not receive the support of his own mother. After the session, a debate will be held to deepen the central conflicts addressed by the film that combines simplicity of form with the depth of the content. The proposal is to reflect on the difficulty of making popular art in Brazil and the abandonment of dreams as a metaphor of growth.

And youngsters from 14 years old will be able to check out the documentary "Intolerance.doc", a documentary directed by Susanna Lira. The film brings a question: what motivates hate crimes and intolerance within Brazilian society? This question, still without a definitive answer, becomes increasingly important as the number of new reports and events arises, proving that Brazil may not be a country formed despite its contradictions and because of its mixtures, but rather a country formed based on intolerance in relation to their mixtures.

The sessions will be followed by a chat with the presence of directors and the team of the films.

This exhibit provides a critical and creative debate on relevant pedagogical issues, using language and cinematographic content appropriate to the different school levels. The program also contributes to social integration, and it brings the school universe closer to cultural action, strengthens ties and establishes commitments to communities and schools using cinema as an instrument of social transformation and citizenship building, spreading and multiplying knowledge.