International Guests






ALFREDO CALVINO | Distribuidor | Habanero Films | Cuba-Brasil

Havana, Cuba 1956 - Graduated in Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia, postgraduate in International Trade in Havana. More than thirty years of professional experience in the audiovisual industry with promotion, distribution and international sales. Acted as International Sales Executive of ICAIC, Sales Manager of Grupo Novo de Cinema, Rio de Janeiro. In 2006, he founded LATINOFUSION in Guadalajara, Mexico, a company specialized in the distribution of Ibero-American films. In 201,1 he created HABANERO FILM SALES, a sales agency headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios, specialized in Latin films, with a focus on independent Cuban cinema. Responsible for the international release of important Latin films such as Strawberry & Chocolate, Madame Satã, Bus 174, To The Left Of The Father, The Trespasser, I am Cuba - Siberian Mammoth, El Patron: Anatomy of a Crime, Andre Ristum’s The Other Side of Paradise, Jose Luiz Villamarin’s Whirlpool, El Amor y Otros Demonios, Juan de los Muertos, Four Moons, and the multi-award-winning Cuban independent film Santa & Andres by Carlos Lechuga. He was an advisor and jury member of several awards, contests, and festivals: Sundance / NHK Prize, TAREULA, Producers Network of Cannes, Guadalajara and Ventana Sur, Ibero American Film Crossing Borders, Cero Latitud Festival, Ecuador, Mannheim International Film Festival, Germany.





ANNABELLE ARAMBURU | Consultora audiovisual | Espanha

In the Audiovisual Industry sector, she is responsible for the organization of Co-Production and Market events. Coordinator of MAFIZ, the industry area of ​​the Malaga Film Festival, that includes 6 events: Spanish Screenings, MAFF, (Malaga Fund & coproduction Event), Latin American Focus, Malaga Talent, Malaga Work in Progress & Málaga Doc. Director of FILMAR, Argentina audiovisual industry zone. Coordinator of the Incubator, program created by INCAA , Argentina Cinema Institute for the internalization of projects in Development.  In previous years, he has organized the following Industry events: Spain TV Expo (USA), Madrid of Cinema (Spain), Historical Film Festival of La Laguna (Spain), Lanzarote Screenings (Spain), MIDIA (Spain). He has organized the Ibero-American Co-Production Forum in Huelva Film Festival from 2000 to 2013. As a Producer, she has co-produced documentary feature films: Between Two Worlds: The History Of Gonzalo Guerrero (Co-production with Minotauro Producciones and TVUNAM, Mexico), Mother ( -  Documentary about the maternity of the 21st century),  New Girls 24 Hours (, Documentary on Trafficking in Women. Nominated Best documentary film to the 2016 Goya Awards, Nominated for Best Documentary Film at the 2016 Platinum Awards, Award - Union of Actors of Spain, SIGNIS Award - Bolivia, Best Documentary Feature Film, Best Documentary Award Jakarta Festival, Indonesia, Official section, Festival de Malaga, Spain Official section, Rio de Janeiro International Festival, Feminist, Berlin).



CATALINA VERGARA | Produtora | Globo Rojo Films | Chile

Catalina Vergara was born on May 11, 1981, in Concepción, Chile. She studied audiovisual communication at the Duoc UC Institute. Her first documentary "Mujeres del Silencio" (2005) was awarded at the Fidocs Festival and the International Festival of Valdivia, Chile. She participated as Executive Producer and Codirector of the documentary "La Última Estación" (2012), awarded as Best Film at the Guadalajara International Film Festival; Zagreb Doc, Croatia; Parnú film festival, Estonia; also, winner of the Pedro Sienna prize, best photography. She was responsible for the executive production of the documentary " Ver y Escuchar " (2013) and "El viento sabe que va a casa" (2016), in addition to two short films "El sueño de ana" and "Sobre los cosas que me pasado" , all of the director José Luis Torres Leiva. Producer of "La casa lobo" that had its premiere in Berlinale 2018, receiving the prize Caligari. Currently, she is working on the executive production of the longs " Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos " and "Querida Vera" both by José Luis Torres Leiva.



CONSTANZA SANZ PALACIOS | Produtora | Argentina

Constanza Sanz Palacios was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Journalism and in Film Directing. In 2005 she started working as an Independent Film Producer focused on the innovations of the cinematographic language. She produced Edgardo Cozarinsky's trilogy of Documentary essays: "Letters to a father" (2014), "Nocturnos" (2011) and “Notes for an Imaginary Biography” (2009). She also produced "Memory Excercises" by Paz Encina, an international co-production which obtained funds such as CNC France, Doha Film Fund, Hubert Bals Fund, World Cinema Fund, INCAA Argentina and Ibermedia Programme. She is actually producing "Brief Story from the Green Planet" by Santiago Loza, with the support of World Cinema Fund, Hubert Bals Fund, INCAA Argentina and Ibermedia Programme. Constanza has been invated to participate at the Venice Bridge Coproduction Meeting in the Venice Festival in 2017, to the V Coproduction San Sebastian Forum in 2017, to the Rotterdam Lab 2015, La Fabrique de Cinéma du Monde at Cannes International Festival in 2012 and Morelia Lab in the 10th International Film Festival of Morelia-Mexico, between others.


ELENA VILARDELL | Secretária técnica e executiva | Programa Ibermedia | Espanha

Graduated in Philology with a major in Hispanic Philology, Spanish Literature, and in Audiovisual Languages ​​in 1984. Graduated in History and Aesthetics of Cinema by the University of Valladolid in 1989. She worked as the Cinema Department coordinator at the University of Valencia and held several seminars on cinema, in addition to managing several publications of various entities, among which we could cite: Jacques Rivette "La Regla del Juego", edited by Filmoteca Española and by the Filmoteca da Generalitat Valenciana in 1991; "La Fiamma del Peccato" (L'eros nel cinema) edited by the Cinema Museum of Turin, the Cineteca Nazionale in Rome and the Cinémathèque Française. In addition to writing several articles for the Journal of Film Preservation, a quarterly magazine edited by FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives). From 1991 on, she developed several works in the Filmoteca de la Generalitat Valenciana in the departments of Programming, Directing and International Relations; a position that she held at the same time she acted as a member of the Editorial Committee of the magazine Archives of the Filmoteca. From August of 1998 up to now, she holds the position of Technical and Executive Secretary of the Program IBERMEDIA, multilateral financial fund of incentive to the cinematographic activity.




FERNANDA RENNÓ | Produtora e Distribuidora | Fidalgo Films | Noruega

Graduated in Communication and Marketing from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC), I have a postgraduate degree in Film Directing and a master degree of Production and Distribution of feature films in Paris. In Paris, I worked at the production of documentaries, and commercials short films for big brands. I was an international sales agent of feature films before joining Fidalgo Films in Norway, an arthouse film distributor that acts all over the world. In 2018, I opened a Fidalgo Film Production subsidiary with the objective of co-producing with Brazil and other countries in Latin America and distributing those films in Scandinavia.



GUDULA MEINZOLT | Produtora - Autentika Films / Diretora de Indústria - Visions du Réel | Suíça

Gudula Meinzolt has been working for over 20 years in cultural management in areas such as investigation, promotion, organization of festivals, distribution, exhibition e production. Several experiences in Latin America and Africa reinforced her interest and commitment for cultural diversity and cultural exchange. Since 2004 Gudula has been working on co production and distribution with the producers “Mil Colores Media” e “Autentika Films”. She did several co productions in conjunction with Paulo de Carvalho as “Dioses”, of Josué Méndez and “Paraíso” of Héctor Gálvez, Peru. They coproduce feature length documentaries and fiction films in different roles and stages, especially with directors and producers from Latin America and with European partners. Their films have won awards in Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam and Venice. From 2005 to 2010 she was manager of the MANNHEIM MEETINGS, the international forum for coproduction, sales and distribution of the International Film Festival of Mannheim - Heidelberg, Germany. Since 2010 she is head of Industry at the International Film Festival “Visions du Réel” in Switzerland.


HEIDI ZWICKER | Programadora | Sundance Film Festival | EUA

Heidi Zwicker is a Programmer for the Sundance Film Festival, focusing on narrative feature films.  She has been contributing to various Sundance Institute programs for over ten years, beginning with the Feature Film Program, International. Heidi was a Programmer at Palm Springs International Shortfest from 2011-2014 and programs shorts at the Provincetown International Film Festival. Originally from the north shore of Boston, she has a degree in English from University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and an M.A. in Critical Studies of Film and Television from UCLA.




 JACQUES PELISSIER | Distribuidor | Juste Doc | França

Jacques Pelissier has been working for 20 years as a film festival programmer or documentary distributor, in Ukraine and now in France. He has programmed short-films, documentaries about environmental issues or education issues. He owns Juste Doc, a theatrical documentary distributor in France.





JUSTIN PECHBERTY | Produtor | Les Valseurs | França

Justin Pechberty launched Les Valseurs in 2013 with Damien Megherbi. Together they aspire to improve cross-cultural partnerships, and have already produced and distributed among others Brazilian director João Paulo Miranda Maria’s short film Meninas formicida (Orizzonti competition in Venice), Brazilian animation director Nara Normande's Guaxuma (Annecy, Anima Mundi) and Turkish animation director Ayce Kartal’s Kötü Kiz (Jury award in Annecy, Grand Prix in Clermont Ferrand).


LAURA CITARELLA | Produtora e Diretora | El Pampero Cine | Argentina

Born in La Plata in 1981, she graduated as a film director at Universidad del Cine in 2004. Since 2005, she has been a member of the production company "El Pampero Cine" alongside with Mariano Llinás, Alejo Moguillansky, and Agustín Mendilaharzu. In 2006, she won the contest "Historias Breves 5" (organized by INCAA) and in 2007 filmed the short film "Tres Juntos". In 2010 she directed her first feature: "Ostende". "Ostende" debuted in the Argentine competition at the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) in 2011, obtaining a special mention from the Association of Argentine Chroniclers. She has participated in several international festivals. In 2015, she finished the film "Mujer de los Perros", in co-direction with Verónica Llinás, who also works in the film. In 2015, they participated in the Tiger Award Competition in Rotterdam, and from there they have come a long way at international festivals. Currently, Citarella films her third film as director (of which she is the writer): "Trenque Lauquen". She produced, among other films, "Extraordinary Stories" by Mariano Llinás (a feat with which he succeeded, whether she wanted or not, a place in the history of Argentine cinema). She also produced Llinás' latest film, "La Flor" (2018), a film that just premiered at BAFICI 2018.


LAURENCE REYMOND | Produtora | Providences Films | França

After cinema studies in Lyon and Paris, Laurence Reymond works from 2003 to 2011 for film distribution companies: Ad Vitam as booking agent, and then Le Pacte, as an assistant for acquisitions and later in charge of international coproductions. She also regularly writes film reviews for different publications and websites. In 2012, she joins the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, in charge of short films. She does 7 editions of the festival. For 3 years, she’s also programming coordinator for the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montréal. Since 2015, she’s a member of the selection committee of Entrevues-Belfort, and a consultant for the Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec-FCVQ. She’s also a script reader for institutions such as CNC and French regions. In 2017, she joins Providences’ team with the desire to nurture and help young talents with ambitious, hybrid, engaged and poetic cinematographic & audiovisual projects. 




LUIS GONZÁLEZ ZAFFARONI | Diretor executivo | Doc Montevideo/DocSP | Uruguai/Brasil

Executive Director of DocMontevideo, Meeting of Latin American Broadcasters - Training, Market and Network Space (2009-2018). Organizer of DOCSP - International Documentary Meeting of São Paulo (2015-2018). Member of the Advisory Board of the TAL Latin American Television Network (2010-2017). Director of the Association of Producers of Uruguay (2014-2015). Coordinator of the call for documentaries Visor América Latina of the chain Al Jazeera English (2011-2014). Adviser of contents in TevéCiudad, Public TV of Montevideo (2012-2013). Jury and consultant in funds and film festivals: CNTV (Chile, 2010), INCAA (Argentina, 2011), ICAU (Uruguay, 2011), FIDOCS (Chile, 2011), DocsDF (2011), DocTVLatinoamerica , 2013), FONA (Uruguay, 2014), Cartagena Film Festival (Colombia, 2016), MiradasDoc (Spain, 2017), BAM (Colombia, 2017). Master in Documentary Creation, Pompeu Fabra University (Spain, 2006-07). Master in Business Enterprise, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain, 2014). Graduated from the School of Cinema of Uruguay (1995-99).




 MADS WØLNER VOSS | Coordenador de programação | Films from the South Festival / SØRFOND| Noruega

Mads Wølner Voss is the Programme Coordinator of the Films from the South Festival in Oslo Norway, a festival that along with the Norwegian Film Institute administer SØRFOND. He has previously represented SØRFOND in at the Locarno Film Festival. Mads has been working for the Films from the South Festival since 2017, with several years of film festival experience behind him. He is one of the festival’s programmers.  





MARIA BONSANTI | Diretora executiva | Eurodoc | França

Since 2000, Maria Bonsanti works in the field of documentary cinema.  For 12 years she worked for Festival dei Popoli in Florence, in 2011 as co-director. She has periodically coIlaborated with the Festival del Film Locarno, in particular in 2006 and 2007 when she was in charge of the coordination of the Play Forward section.  From 2012 until 2017 she was Artistic Director of Cinéma du Réel in Paris. She has act as jury member for several festivals and film commissions. Since 2017, she is Head of EURODOC.


NATHALIE TRAFFORD | Produtora | Paraíso Production | França

Nathalie Trafford, born in Chile, has spent her childhood in Spain and graduated in Paris at the Sorbonne. She has produced Art House films for the past 20 years through Paraíso Production in Paris. Her catalogue includes 15 features and 30 shorts.  We can highlight, Machuca by Andres Wood, presented a la Quinzaine des réalisateurs of Cannes and released in more than 30 countries, El telón de azúcar by Camila Guzman selected at the Berlinale, Toronto, San Sébastian, and recently Belle Dormant directed by the mythical Ado Arrietta, launched in Rotterdam and Con el viento, first feature of Meritxell Colell presented this year at the Berlinale-forum. She is now finishing the coproduction of Agosto by the Cuban director Armando Capo (selected for cine in construction San Sebastian 2017).


PAULO DE CARVALHO | Produtor | Autentika Films | Alemanha-Brasil

Brazilian, living in Germany since 1989, developing activities in Latin-American film production, publication and curating in international festivals. Was a film correspondent for Latin America, Spain and Portugal and Member of the Selection committee of the International Festival of Locarno, Switzerland from 2000 to 2008 and a consultant for Latin American films for Director’s Fortnight from Cannes and for International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. He is Founder and Artistic Director of CineLatino Festival in Tübingen/Stuttgart, one of the most important platforms for the Spanish and Latin American cinema in Germany. Has founded the independent film production company Cachoeira Films, Tübingen in 1999, where he dedicates himself to the production, consulting and international promotion of Latin-American filmmakers. In 2007 he founded the independent film production company Autentika Films, Berlin, with Gudula Meinzolt.




PHILIPPE BARRIÈRE | Tutor no Torino Film Lab Extended | TorinoFilmLab | Itália

Born in 1978 in Montargis, France, Philippe Barrière has a Masters in philosophy and formal logic at La Sorbonne University. Script consulting is way for him to combine his interest for analysis and his passion for cinema. Over the past years, Philippe Barrière has had several relevant experiences in the field of script consulting such as Head of the development for Mille et une Productions or, since 2010, as an independent script consultant. Trained at TorinoFilmLab (Script&Pitch 2014), Philippe is currently an expert for the TFL Extended initiatives.




PIERRE-ALEXIS CHEVIT | Coordenador de Projetos - Doc Corner Project / Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes | França

Pierre-Alexis Chevit freelances for a number of film festival & markets, both on the organizing and programming sides, and with a predominant focus on non-fiction. Since 2015, his main activity has consisted in managing the Doc Corner & Doc Day at the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, alongside working for Cinéma du Réel in Paris and Fipa in Biarritz – two of the major international doc film festivals in France. In the past years, he has also collaborated with several organizations in the distribution, VOD and marketing fields, dealing with docs and short films. He also regularly serves as jury, moderator, tutor, consultant or expert on various events.


ROGER KOZA | Crítico e programador | Argentina 

A member of FIPRESCI, he works as a critic in the journal La voz del interior, published in Córdoba, Argentina. His texts are also regularly featured in the magazines Ñ and Quid, as well as in his web site Con los ojos abiertos. He hosts the weekly TV show El cinematógrafo, broadcasted by Canal 10, in Córdoba, and he is the guest columnist for Filmoteca, broadcasted by Televisión Pública. Also, he works as a programmer for the Hamburg International Film Festival and Viennale; he is the artistic director of the Cosquín International Film Festival as well as DOCBSAS. He has served as a jury member in IFFR, the Locarno Film Festival, the Golden Apricot Film Festival, BAFICI, Mar del Plata International Film Festival, and FICValdivia, among others.



ROSANNA SEREGNI | Produtora | Itália

Rosanna Seregni has always been involved in high quality movie productions. With the society SINTRA she has produced, among others: Alla rivoluzione sulla 2 cavalli by Maurizio Sciarra (Golden Pardo and Silver Pardo, Best Lead Male actor – Locarno 2001), Vodka Lemon by Hiner Salem (Best Picture in “Orizzonti” section Venice 2003),  Tartarughe sul dorso by Stefano Pasetto (Venice Days – Venice 2004), L’Enfer by Danis Tanovic (Toronto and San Sebastian 2005), Persona non grata by Krzysztof Zanussi (in competition Venice 2005),  Nacido y criado by Pablo Trapero (in competition Rome Film Festival 2006). Associate Producer: Il Richiamo by Stefano Pasetto 2009, Vinodentro by Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani 2015, Controra by Rossella De Venuto  - co-production between Italy/Irland 2015, Toxic Jungle by Gianfranco Quattrini - co-production between Italy/Argentina/Perù 2016. Executive Producer:  Agadah by Alberto Rondalli – Prod, Ra.Mo. – 2017. Film in Development:  Nest directed by Mattia Temponi co-production between Italy-Argentina. Modesto Rossi directed by Andrea Papini co-production between Italy-France. Sangre De Tu Sangre directed by Stefano Pasetto co-production between  Italy – Belgium – Argentina. Red Cinnabar directed by Francesco Maria Nappi. She’s been awarded in 2005 with the FICE award as independent high quality cinema producer. Other activities: Member of Accademia del Cinema David di Donatello – Italy | FADS (France) Jury member for the script development fund of Amiens Festival for the projects: Latin-America - Asia - Africa - Middle East 2006 – 2015 | FUNDACION TyPA (Argentina) development tutor for the Latin - American projects – Colon Entre Rios (Argentina)  2005-2011 | BRLAB  development and production tutor for the Latin - American projects  – Sao Paulo Brasile  2012 – 2015 | Selector and jury member for the New Cinema Network - Co-production Market of Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma  2006 – 2011 | Jury member for the production fund  BLS Bolzano Alto Adige South Tirol  2011-2015 | International jury member for the production and post-production fund ICAU – Uruguay 2011 | International jury member for the production fund CNCINE - Ecuador 2013 | Member of the International Jury of USINA DEL SUR First edition of Cine en Costruccion of Uruguay- Bolivia – Ecuador – JOSE IGNACIO (Uruguay) 2016.


SÉVERINE ROINSSARD | Produtora - Parati Films / coordenadora do La Fabrique des Cinémas Du Monde, Festival de Cannes | França

Séverine started Parati Films with the goal of creating a cinematic exchange program, most notably between France, Europe and the countries of Latin America. The dynamism of the three areas of Parati Films: event organization and provision of services, script, screenplay and subtitle translation (including consulting services), and production, has resulted in collaborations with countless professionals from the world of cinema and international festivals. One such example is the Cannes Film Festival, where since 2011 Parati has been the official partner of the Institut Francais in the selection of projects and the coordination of the La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde program. Today Séverine is focusing part of her work also on the Educação a Imagem with KINDER CINE INTERNATIONAL. She also gives courses in production management to master students. 




VÍCTOR SÁNCHEZ | Coordenador Unidade Técnica | Programa Ibermedia | Espanha

He graduated in Information Science (Image), U. Complutense de Madrid (Spain), and has a major in 3D Animation from Oscillon School, Alicante (Spain) and Executive Program in Big Data & Visual Analytics from Universidad San Pablo CEU (Spain). In 1996, he started his career specializing in digital content at Terra Networks (Telefónica Group). In this stage, we’d like to highlight interactive works in the cultural and educational field. Subsequently, he was part of the Technical Unit of the IBERMEDIA Program, studying the technical and financial feasibility of Ibero-American cinematographic projects in co-production, he also worked in the administrative management of the Program, design and event planning, and training activities especially aimed at the formulation of Ibero-American cinematographic projects. In 2010, he went to Next Limit Technologies, a software company for special effects, he was awarded the Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy for developing tools for productions such as The Lord of the Rings, 300, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc. In 2016, he returns to the IBERMEDIA Program, and is currently the Coordinator of the Technical Unit of IBERMEDIA, among other functions, reporting directly to the Technical and Executive Secretariat of the IBERMEDIA Program, Elena Vilardell.