9th Brasil CineMundi

Another year of good surprises and consolidation of productive proposals. In 2018, BrasilCineMundi received approximately 150 projects from the most different regions of the country. A surprising growth, considering, the difficulties and oscillations that characterize the sector in times of crisis. This year, once again, the number of projects registered increased.

The southeast region, once again, is present with the presentation of many structured and challenging projects. Minas Gerais stands out with a significant part of the selected projects indifferent categories of BrasilCineMundi: CineMundi, DocBrasil Meeting and Foco Minas. What makes us believe that the importance of the event reaches the professionals of the region and that the 'Foco Minas' has become an attraction for this class of workers and it is gradually entering the calendar of film events.

This year, the big surprise, is the increase in the participation of projects coming from Bahia. The number of Bahian projects registered for this edition has increased in every way, which has made us think more about what is happening in that region.

It is impossible to predict the variety of themes and subjects covered, but during the reading of the projects some subjects were recurrent. The presence of documentary and fiction projects with Afro-Brazilian protagonists is one of the highlights of 2018. A new repertoire of stories and situations begins to be delineated and among them we highlight projects like "Cores de maio" by Juliana Vicente, "Cais" Safira Moreira dos Santos and “A professora de francês” by Ricardo Alves Jr. Another recurring issue common to several projects presented is the collective and family memory or the saga of characters searching for their roots as "OkaiaDunga–mulheresvalentes" by Victor Dias Santos, "Geografia Afetiva" by Mari Moraga and "Meu avôfaziafilmepornô”" by Júlio Adamor Cruz Neto, another highlight that is aligned with this new trend of current production.

Our intention over the years is to offer selected professional people better conditions to present their projects, broadening the base of dialogue with representatives of the national and international production area and providing the spontaneous and necessary exchange among the most varied people of the cinema field. Discussing, expanding proposals and deepening the themes presented are priority goals of our meetings. Establish new conditions, provide one-to-one meetings, thematic desks and investments in the possible consultancies, and individual consultancies for each of the selected projects - in all categories, including this year 'Foco Minas' - is the core of our efforts and annual advances, as well.

We are more aware than ever that the more we prepare a fertile ground for possible international co-productions, the greater the result, not only on the market but also on the content and consistency of the projects, will be. We believe that external contact helps establish new parameters and narrative references. The intense exchange of ideas and opinions that our meetings provide favors not only the improvement and circulation of new authors and projects but also accelerate their transformation, giving a new meaning and efficiency to proposals that can reach new levels in a short period of time.

In the quest to promote international meetings and to make this commitment, we seek to balance and why not to say, to parallel, more and more, the profiles of the projects with those of the international guests. This challenge is not easy though, considering that the projects are still in the development phase and several of the guests, despite having a long international experience, participate for the first time in an event with the characteristics like the ones of BrasilCineMundi.

We deal primarily with Brazilian fiction projects and documentaries of early-career authors that represent a very specific segment in the universe of Brazilian film production. Among the professionals who are participating in this edition, we have been able to aggregate national and international producers and distributors, as well as important industry institutions related to professional training and financing of projects such as Ibermedia, SorFond, Torino FilmLab, Sundance and some more specifically related to documentaries with presence of EuroDoc, Doc Corner Project of Cannes and DocMontevideo / DocSP.

In this way, BrasilCineMundi pursues its objective of strengthening a continuous work platform, presenting a current cut of the cinematographic proposals in development; attracting international professionals, focusing on the diversity of Brazilian cinema and strengthening the ties of co-production and project financing. Approaching and improving those that have a closer relationship with the Brazilian culture.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the producers who trusted BrasilCineMundi and registered their projects, to the Brazilian and international professionals who accepted our invitation to be part of this project. The different institutions, which through solid partnerships enable the realization of this event, which has as one of its main objectives to aggregate people, bet on the projects and believe in the realization of dreams.

To all participants, welcome to the 9th Brazilian CineMundi!

GudulaMeinzolt | Switzerland
Paulo de Carvalho | Germany
Pedro Butcher | Brazil
SéverineRoinssard | France
BrasilCineMundi contributors